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Instructions for Annual Database Use Application

Complete this application for an annual (calendar year) AZSITE Cultural Resource Inventory user agreement. The AZSITE Cultural Resource Inventory is a collaborative project of the AZSITE Consortium (the Arizona State Museum , the Department of Anthropology at Arizona State University , the Museum of Northern Arizona , and the State Historic Preservation Office). The inventory contains the cultural resource records of those four institutions, as well as those of the Bureau of Land Management and US Forest Service for lands in the State of Arizona .


AZSITE is available to authorized users through the institution or company for which they work. To qualify for access to the AZSITE Cultural Resources Inventory, a staff member of the organization must meet the Secretary of Interior standards for cultural resource management organizations as applied by the Arizona State Historic Preservation Officer. Individual users must meet these standards or be employees or students in good standing of organizations meeting these standards. Qualifying organizations should follow the directions below for requesting access to the AZSITE Cultural Resources Inventory.


1.   Complete and sign the attached DATABASE USE APPLICATION. Under the section labeled "Reason for using AZSITE" please include a statement as to the nature of your business, e.g., archaeological consulting firm, engineering firm, utility, etc., as well as a statement of reason for using the file. Under the section labeled "Authorized Users from this Institution," list all staff of your company or agency whom you authorize to access the database. If this in dividual is new to your agency, please attach her/his CV to your application. Your company or agency will be responsible for all charges incurred by these staff. Each of these staff must accept the terms of the user agreement.


2.  Return the signed form to:

  Carol Griffith, Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer

  1300 West Washington

  Phoenix , AZ 85007


3.  After the SHPO approves your application, you will be notified by email that the users specified on the application have been approved for access to the database. The email will provide instructions on how each approved individual will do an on-line request for a username and password. Your accounts will be enabled 48-72 hours after you request your username and password.



4.   There is a fee for accessing the AZSITE System. Consult the Fee Structure Table for more information. Invoices will be sent upon SHPOs approval of your access account. 

Checks for fees should be made payable to The Arizona State Museum and mailed to:

  Archaeological Records Office

  Arizona State Museum

  University of Arizona

  1013 East University

  Tucson , AZ 85721-0026



AZSITE: Arizona 's Cultural Resource Inventory



Calendar Year 2010

Date ________________


Institution __________________________________________________


Contact name __________________________________________________

(the name entered above must meet the current qualifications for accessing AZSITE and is taking responsibility for the security of any AZSITE data acquired by the individuals listed below.)

Address __________________________________________________


City/State/ZIP _________________________________________________


Phone ________________ FAX ______________ e-mail _________________________________________


Reason for using AZSITE ________________________________________________________________





Authorized users from this institution/agency:

By signing below, each authorized user signifies acceptance of the terms of the attached agreement.

All individuals new to your agency or to using AZSITE should include a CV with this application .

Printed name, Signature and Email are required

1. _____________________________ _______________________________________________________________


2. _____________________________ _______________________________________________________________


3. _____________________________ _______________________________________________________________


4. _____________________________ _______________________________________________________________


5. _____________________________ _______________________________________________________________


6. _____________________________ _______________________________________________________________

(Attach additional sheet as necessary. The access fee is calculated on the number of users who get accounts. Refer to the Fee Structure Table.

The AZSITE Consortium is pleased to offer you an access agreement for the AZSITE Cultural Resource Inventory. By signing this agreement, you signify that you understand and accept the terms of this agreement.


I, the undersigned applicant, request an annual agreement for the AZSITE Cultural Resource Inventory. I understand the confidential nature of the information contained in these records and agree to the following conditions to protect the confidentiality of the AZSITE records. I agree to insure that all representatives of my company or agency who have access to AZSITE records abide by the rules.


1.         I understand that access may be interrupted w ithout warning due to technical difficulties, shutdowns, and limited connections.

2.         I understand that the information contained within the Inventory is compiled from various sources and that while AZSITE Consortium member agencies attempt to confirm data accuracy at time of its submission to the files, no guarantees as to accuracy or completeness are made. I further understand that it is my responsibility, if I find inaccuracies, to report them in writing to the Archaeological Records Office, Arizona State Museum .

3.         I agree not to distribute or disclose specific site location information in public documents or make this information available to unauthorized individuals within or outside of my institution or agency without the authorization of the land manager. I understand that if my agency/institution is required to maintain public records they will be maintained in a way that does not disclose confidential information pursuant to ARS § 39-125 and the Freedom of Information Act.

4.         I understand that data must be protected by placing it on a stand alone workstation or a workstation with appropriate firewall protection so that no unauthorized access may occur.  I further understand that the data will be placed in password protected files. 

5.         I understand that data, either electronic or printed, may be used in cultural resource management reports, dissertations, professional archaeology publications, or at professional arch a eology conferences without the written approval of the AZSITE Cons ortium Board.  Any other publication must receive advance written approval from the AZSITE Consortium Board.  AZSITE data may not be made available on the Internet without written approval of the AZSITE Consortium Board. 

6.         I understand and acknowledge that many of the archaeological and historic properties maintained in the AZSITE Cultural Resource Inventory are under the jurisdiction, ownership, or control of other agencies such as state and federal agencies, private individuals, and tribal governments and may be afforded additional levels of legislative protection related to the restrictions on cultural resource information, as exclusions from the Freedom of Information Act. I agree to obtain all necessary tribal, state, or federal permits as appropriate. I agree to use AZSITE i nformation only in compliance with applicable tribal, municipal, county, state, and federal laws and regulations, including, but not limited to, the National Historic Preservation Act, 36CFR800; the Archaeological Resource Protection Act of 1979 [16USC470aa et seq.]; the State Historic Preservation Act (ARS §41-861 through §41-865); and ARS § 39-125 (effective August 21, 1998).

7.         I understand that each member of my institution needing access to the Inventory should apply for his or her own user account and password. I understand that no user should discuss or divulge his or her user name and password to any third party, or use his or her account to log another party on the AZSITE Cultural Resource Inventory. I understand that it is my responsibility to notify the Deputy SHPO and to contact the Database Administrator when a name needs to be removed from the account.

8.         I understand that where necessary, access has been suppressed to records from lands under the management of institutions that have not agreed to participate in the AZSITE Cultural Resource Inventory. I understand that to obtain information on these lands I must contact the appropriate land manager.

9.         I understand that I must renew this agreement annually.

10.     I understand that, to protect sensitive archaeology, when this institution completes a project a nd a ll curatorial requirement s have been met, electronic data received from AZSITE relevant to the project will be deleted from the institution’s computer files.

11.     I understand that when this institution no longer holds an AZSITE use agreement it is our responsibility to delete all electronic data provided by AZSITE records from our electronic files. 

12.     I agree to report any and all system security violations, whether actual or potential, to the AZSITE Consortium Chair,  or the AZSITE Database Manager.

13.     I understand that access to the AZSITE Cultural Resource Inventory does not c onstitute permission to enter onto or conduct archaeological investigations on any of the lands for which cultural resource records are maintained in the Inventory. I further understand that it is my responsibility to consult with appropriate state, federal, or tribal land managers, or private property owners, before instituting any archaeological or cultural resource investigations on, or related to, their lands and that I should forward copies of the products of such research to appropriate land managers or property owners.

14.     I understand that my institution will be held responsible for misuse of the Cultural Resource Inventory by any of my employees. I understand that evidence of failure to comply with the above conditions and misuse of this agreement will result in immediate suspension of all accounts under this agreement pending review by the AZSITE Consortium and will carry implications for agreement renewal. I understand that, in addition to suspension of privileges and revocation of this user agreement, violation of the terms of this agreement may result in applicable civil or criminal penalties.


Signature of applicant: ____________________________________________

(the signing authority must meet the current qualifications for accessing AZSITE and is taking responsibility for the security of any AZSITE data acquired by the individuals listed above.)


Date: _______________________________

State Historic Preservation Office approval:


__________________________________________________ Date ________________


Agreement # __________________________________________ Da te _______________